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September 15-16 & 22-23, 2017

~TYou are invited to tour the hallowed grounds of Wilderness Road State Park. Visitors will experience a candlelit tour with chilling ghost stories based on actual historical events. Retrace the steps of lost souls on the Wilderness Road, visit Uncle Jack's barn and feel the hair on your neck raise in anticipation as you enter the Karlan Mansion for a haunted dinner experience you won't forget. Advanced tickets are required. Tickets are $10 per person. Begins at 8 p.m.

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About the Candlelight Ghost Tour


This area is rich in history and culture, some of which can be a little dark. Dating back to the days Daniel Boone and Joseph Martin trekked through the wilderness, dramatic and traumatic stories appear intertwined with stories of bravery and courage. Re-live those stories through the immersive words of a unique character as they lead you down the Wilderness Road lit only by the dancing flame of a candle lantern.

Does Uncle Jack still keep the horses fed in the old barn? Does Robert Ely, who died tragically at such a young age, still walk the creaking floors of the Karlan Mansion? What are those strange sounds coming from the Karlan Mansion at night? They may yet have stories to tell.

And nothing goes better with a ghost tour than a haunted dinner, right? Once inside the Karlan Mansion, sit down for a meal to remember as additional stories unfold and new characters are introduced. Listen close, did you hear that? Look again, did you see that? …. Welcome to the Candlelight Ghost Tour and Haunted Dinner at Wilderness Road State Park.


"I have been to the park for the Candlelight Ghost Tour and the Mystery Dinner Theatre. I just love these events, I wish they could have them once a month." - Ginger Sullivan

"I have watched this park grow so much over the past 10-12 years. I really enjoy the Heritage Festival and listening to all the Bluegrass bands. And the Wilderness Road Trail is perfect for walking and riding your bicycle." - Janice Lowe

"My kids love to stop by and see the Buffalo. It's so nice to have these facilities right here in our region. The kids love the playground and the Junior Rangers program. And the Indian Ridge Trail is a great location to see some of our area's prettiest wildflowers." - Melissa Jackson